Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Goddesses of War

On Friday, July 24th, 2020, my wife and I attended our first ever TiTan Championship Wrestling: Goddesses of War event in Ocean Gate, New Jersey. This was a highly anticipated event for us considering Holidead is our favorite wrestler, and this was also our first ever all women's wrestling show. On top of that, due to COVID-19, this also was our first experience attending a wrestling show outdoors. When entering the event, we were quickly greeted by the owner of TiTan Championship Wrestling, Billy. He was a super friendly guy and made sure we were taken care of and that we didn’t have any issues checking in to the show. He seemed very appreciative of the fans and was really passionate about wrestling. After taking our seats, we really enjoyed being able to sit and enjoy the atmosphere of being at a wrestling show since early March. The opening match really set the tone between Debbie Kane and Kaia McKenna. I ended up meeting Kaia at intermission and she was a joy to talk to. Holidead vs Gabby Ortiz followed, and as per usual, Holidead killed it. Always talking smack during her matches while almost losing her voice. We got a killer triple threat between Karen Bam Bam, Nevaeh Chantalle, and Adriana Mosley. I was very impressed with all three of these ladies. I was already familiar with Nevaeh Chantalle because of her matches with Dabria X at Dojo Wars. I ended up really becoming a big fan of Adriana Mosley during this match. As it got darker out, we were introduced to a chilling but amazing match between Anastasia Morningstar and Moth Endless. The setting was definitely something to remember. These ladies put on a great match and really had me at the edge of my seat. I am a huge fan of both of these women now. Vita Vonstarr vs Riley Shepard was also a very entertaining match that really had me intrigued. I also had the pleasure of meeting Riley Shepard at intermission, and she allowed me to hold her awesome sword during our selfie. The main event was between Vicious Vicki and the Goddess Champion: Notorious Mimi. These two ladies put together a fantastic match that just topped off the night. I became a huge fan of Mimi during this match. After the match, Notorious Mimi was attacked by the new number one contender for the Goddess Championship, Courageous Christina Marie, to leave us with a cliffhanger for their upcoming match for the next night.

Going into this event, I honestly was not too familiar with many of the women outside of Holidead and Nevah Chantalle. But afterward, I have now become a fan of many new women wrestlers. This was definitely a treat for my wife and I. We for sure will be attending more TiTan Championship Wrestling show and we are looking so forward to what the future holds for this amazing promotion.

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