Thursday, May 28, 2020

Spotlight/Q&A with Sophia Lopez

When I started my podcast back in June of 2019, one of my goals was to eventually start having wrestlers on my show. I honestly wasn't planning on even trying to reach out to any wrestlers until about a year or two in the future just because I wanted to build my brand and gain a reputation first. A few months later in October, I ended up deciding that I wanted to try sooner than expected. I had just recently become a fan of the wrestling promotion called WOW Women of Wrestling, and I noticed how engaging the talent was with their fans on Twitter. So I ended up tagging Sophia Lopez and a few other women from WOW in a post asking if any of them were interested in guesting on my show in the future. Sophia ending up responding saying that she would love to.

We ended up exchanging a few DMs which led to us setting up a date to record together. The day officially came and when we started recording I'll be honest, I was super nervous. But Sophia was so sweet and talkative. She really carried the show. After we were done I personally thought I wouldn't have another talent on the show in a while. But without even asking or hinting Sophia brought up the idea of helping me get some of the other women from WOW on my show. She suggested Thunder Rosa and Samantha Smart. She told me to tweet Thunder Rosa telling her that she was gonna be on my show, not asking but telling. She then gave my phone number to people who work for WOW. I was contacted by a member of WOW and they scheduled interviews for me with Jungle Grrrl and Beast!

Ever since then I've been having so much luck on getting wrestlers on my show. This is truly a dream come true for and I can't thank Sophia enough for helping me get my show established.

Q&A with Sophia Lopez

1. What are you passionate about outside of wrestling? I am passionate about traveling, When I was 21 years old I was so blessed because I was chosen to work in Disney world at the Mexican pavilion (Epcot center) I met people from all over the world and I was able to go and visit I them in their home country like Norway Italy France Germany Canada Also, I went to Russia, Brasil, Guatemala and whenever I have the chance to travel I don’t even think about, I have one foot in the airplane 2. If you had to change your character what other gimmicks would you be interested in trying? I would say something similar to the Joker, I guess we have Holidead and she is doing great, but something around that character, something unique, different, dark, but always clever 3. Name one wrestler you would like to manage who you’ve never managed before? Inside WOW, The Beast Outside of WOW, Ronda Rousey, I like rebels and man, of course, Rey Mysterio, I love the mask. 4. How does it feel to be a role model in the eyes of others? It’s a great feeling because is a dream come true, for me being able to inspire others is gold 5. What’s your favorite thing about WOW as a promotion? My favorite thing about WOW as a promotion is the diversity, David Mclane is a genius and a carrying owner, sometimes I compare him with Hugh Jackman character (P.T. Barnum ) from the movie the greatest showman, with WOW promotion you gain a family

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